New company organisation with new shareholders and C.E.O. Ulrich Sogl.


New Kufner Leather Collection for the natural look and feel of modern leather garments.

Modern leather styling and construction with a complete range of interlinings for all requirements and applications:
more volume, stability or just a lightweight support that you will barely feel on exceptionally soft and light leather.

All articles respecting the high sensitivity of this natural product - for perfect results at the low fusing conditions required by leather.


B321N90 – the next dimension of PES interlinings for extra light fashion dreams.


LIGHT&SHAPE – the new generation of ultra light canvases by Kufner is redefining comfort and lightness in premium menswear with a significant reduction in weight. A new dimension of lightness.


Ultra light Haute Couture – the lightest interlinings in the world. The new generation of ultra fine, elastic Kufner interlinings.


PU solution – the new coating for secure bond on coated outer fabrics offers new potential in manufacturing outdoor clothing, sportswear, fashionable ladies wear.


greenside by Kufner means living out our philosophy of sustainability – interlinings made of renewable or recycled raw materials, produced following the strict Kufner standards for ecology and environment.


Kufner Couture Knits –
a new, patented Knits – interlining – Moirée-free with a soft and luxurious feel for premium wool and cashmere outer fabrics.


Opening of the new factory in Shanghai, China.



XShield –
Kufner interlinings which protect against electromagnetic radiation.


DoubleSpot Extended Safety; the improvement of the Kufner Double Spot for the next generation. With this new technology it became possible to fuse very sensitive and delicate outer fabrics.


The finest haircanvas for top quality Italian menswear, in addition to the core-products.


Kufner Haute Couture or simply; "woven air" for the finest women’s outer garments, for the fusing of the finest, transparent outer fabric.


New Factories in Kŭty and Čadca in Slovakia enable a first-class finishing for the world markets. Kufner produces worldwide in
8 factories on 3 continents.


Kufner Couture -
a innovation for the men's wear industry.


Kufner Double Stretch.
Still a top seller today.



With the new line Stretch 2000 the fabric became elastic for the first time. Textured yarns were the secret.


Kufner Sensation: A warp inserted nonwoven, the idea of which lies behind the concept of a fleece with a stable warp direction. The result was a revolutionary, fine product.


Continuous buildup of sales branches in Asia: Taiwan and Hong Kong, followed shortly afterwards by the first production factory in China.



The Innovation of the Revolution: The Kufner Double Spot marked the growth of the fusible interlining. It fixed the problems of the first fusing method: without backlash, neither when ironing nor washing would it harden of deform. The Double Spot is still actively used worldwide today.


Global expansion –
Kufner opens Factory’s in the U.S.A., Mexico, Indonesia as well as a branch in England.


A revolution in the Fashion production industry.

Josef and Georg Kufner pioneered the breakthrough of a new invention from the very beginning – the fusible interlining. The advantages were obvious: the time consuming sowing of interlinings became unnecessary. An innovation which became vital for survival, as only a few years later, competitors who did not follow with the technology soon became competitively incapable.

Even the market introduction was revolutionary. During a performance in the ballroom of the Bayrischen Hof in Munich this fascinating new invention was revealed to the entire Fashion industry – the breakthrough.



100 Years Kufner.


Opening celebration in Austria –
The completion of a fully inclusive Factory for the EFTA-Markets.


Client specific brands and products –
the early marketing activities ensured customer loyalty and market success.



Josef and Georg Kufner took over the company following the unexpected passing of their Father. Their Concept: To Innovate and Internationalise. The pillars of their success are still an important part of the firm today.

Following the unexpected death of their father, Dr.-Ing. Georg Kufner, his sons, Georg and Josef Kufner immediately quit their studies in order to run the company. They had two goals set; the takeover of new markets and further product development. International success was ensured through worldwide marketing campaigns as well as continuous development and innovations. Today, the Kufner GmbH entails over 100 of their own Patents and a worldwide network with Factories on over 3 continents as well as representations in over 100 countries. The credit of this achievement is entitled to Georg and Josef Kufner, with their high anticipations and prospective Company development.


The Factory in Munich was destroyed in the War and the foreign company locations were seized. Georg Kufner embarked on a mission to rebuild the company from virtually nothing.



Dr.-Ing. Georg Kufner guided the firm on its way to become a Big Business; this was done through the takeover of several smaller businesses and revolutionary innovations such as the invention of the Horse-hair thread (Roßhaar-Zwirn).

Through the annexation of a Knitting-Corporation, a Carpet manufacturing company, as well as a foreign Textile Business, Dr.-Ing. Georg Kufner accomplished establishing the company firmly as one of the Big Businesses in its industry.

In addition to this, the ground-breaking invention of the Horse-Hair thread enabled the weaving of Horse hair interlinings in any desired width for the first time ever. This revolutionary manufacturing technique is one that is still implemented today.




The transformation in the Fashion Industry, from the “Wattierung” (padding), to Horse hair interlinings, was one pioneered by Josef Adolf Kufner. A successful change: The Kufner Horse-hair Weaving Mill was, up until the end of the Second World War, the second largest in the industry.



Bartholomäus Kufner; founded the Kufner Watte AG. Innovative from the start and began using electrically powered machines early on.

Bartholomäus Kufner was an officer in Garibaldi’s Army in the various Wars and battles building up to the Italian Unification. Following his return to Bavaria in 1862, he founded the Kufner Watte AG and was highly successful in his production of Wool as packaging material and its incorporation into Outerwear.

Very soon the young Kufner Firm developed into one of the largest Wool Producers in Europe with worldwide clients. The Production at Kufner was very modern from early on. Kufner was one of the first Companies in the Munich Industrial Area which switched to electrical power and light – during a time in which even motorized vehicles were still highly uncommon.